PTZ Camera

User Manual


Adaprox PTZ Camera is an Internet camera with high-definition video streaming and two-way voice transmission. Its dual-axis gimbal allows users to inspect and record real-time video with 360° view angle. You can live stream whatever is happening in the home anytime of the day or night and access the video playback to see what happened before with Adaprox cloud storage service.

App Installation

Adaprox Home App is the mobile platform for controlling Adaprox devices. You can search "Adaprox Home" in a mobile application store to install the App.

Device Resetting

To reset the device: 

1. Plug in the USB cable to power on the camera. 

2. Press the reset button for several seconds until the camera starts to beep. 

3. (Optional) Insert your Micro SD card to extend the camera’s storage.

Device Pairing

Reset the device first and make sure the indicator is flashing quickly. Open the App and click the "+" button on the upper right corner, then click the camera button in the "Add a device" panel and follow the instructions in the app to pair the device.

Streaming and Control

After the camera is paired, you can long press the device button in the main page of the App to go to the control page where you can view the real-time voice stream, adjust the camera view angle and record video samples.

Mounting (optional)

The camera can be placed on the table horizontally for normal use. For special use cases, it needs to be mounted upside down on the ceiling. Here are the steps to install the camera:

1. Place the drill template onto the surface to mount the camera.

2. Drill screw holes according to the template, and insert an anchor into each hole.

3. Fix the camera base with three metal screws according to the template.

Notes: Make sure the ceiling is solid and strong enough to withstand at least three times the weight of the camera.

Voice Assistant Setup
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