Flood Sensor

User Manual


Adaprox Flood Sensor detects household water leak status. It consumes low energy and can send an instant alert when activated by a leak. With Adaprox cloud services, the sensor can be part of the smart scenes and provide essential trigger conditions for home automation.

*An Adaprox HomeHub is required to connect the sensor to the Zigbee network.

App Installation

Adaprox Home App is the mobile platform for controlling Adaprox devices. You can search "Adaprox Home" in the mobile application store to install the App.

Activate the Sensor

Insert a thin blade or coin to the slot on the battery cover and rotate it anticlockwise to open the device. Remove the battery insulation film to power on the product then close the battery cover.

Device Pairing

Long press the reset button for 10 seconds and release, the device is ready to be paired when the green LED flashes. 

Open the App and click the "+" button on the upper right corner, then click the flood sensor button in the "Add a device" panel and follow the instructions in the app to pair the device.


Device Installation

Place the product directly on the surface to monitor water leak.

(Optional) You can use a hex screwdriver to loosen the sensing probes and connect them to external wires for more use scenarios.

Status Monitoring

After the sensor is paired, you can long press the device button in the main page of the App to inspect sensor status and view alarm history.


The automation function is available in the App to connect different devices. Each automation contains a series of trigger conditions and target actions. The target actions will be automatically triggered when the conditions are met.

To set up an automation, click the “+” button in the upper right corner at the automation page. You can use the sensor as a trigger condition and create target actions with other Adaprox appliances. 


Do not install the product outdoors, on an unstable base, or anywhere unprotected from the rain. 

Do not place magnetic metals or other objects near the product to maximize signal strength. When pasting and installing, it is necessary to ensure that the installation place of the sensor should be smooth, flat, dry and clean.

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