HomeHub ZigBee

User Manual


Adaprox HomeHub is an Internet gateway for networking sub-devices in the smart home system. The hub is used to control Zigbee smart appliances and monitor the status of wireless switches and sensors. With MeshHub Cloud services, the hub provides multiple cloud functions such as remote control, group control and voice control. It allows its subdevices to be part of the smart scenes and home automations.

App Installation

MeshHub App is the mobile platform for controlling MeshHub devices. You can search "MeshHub" in the mobile application store to install the App.

Device Power

You can reset the hub by the following steps:

1.  Long press the reset button.  

2.  Release the button when the red indicator is flashing rapidly.

3.  When the red indicator is continuously flashing once per second, the hub is reset and ready to be paired.

Device Pairing

After resetting the hub, enter the "Add a device" page in the app, then click the HomeHub ZigBee button and follow the instructions in the app to pair the device.

Voice Assistant Setup
Connect your Adaprox smart devices to third-party voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa for more convenient experience.
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Software Guides
Get quick guides to master Adaprox Home App. Learn how to create a virtual group and setup home automation in seconds.
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