Smart Plug

User Manual


No more worry about forgetting to turn your electronics off, Adaprox Smart Plug helps schedule the power cycle for every existing appliance. Powered by Adaprox cloud service, with the smart plug, you can use the App or your voice command to power on your existing appliances such as a fan and an oven from anywhere in the world.

App Installation

Adaprox Home App is the mobile platform for controlling Adaprox devices. You can search "Adaprox Home" in the mobile application store to install the App.

Device Pairing

Fit the smart plug to a socket and long press the power button of the device for 5 seconds until indicator light flashes rapidly. Go to the "Add a device" page in the app, then click the plug button and follow the instructions in the app to pair the device.

Note: if the indicator flashes slowly (i.e., one time per 2 seconds), reset the device again with a long press on the power button.

Device Control


After the device is connected successfully, click the “Device” tab at the bottom bar. The button presenting the smart plug will appear in the device collection panel. You can click it to switch the power state of the device.


Long press the device button to go to the device control page where you can monitor the more device working states such as current voltage, current and power.

Voice Assistant Setup
Connect your Adaprox smart devices to third-party voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa for more convenient experience.
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Software Guides
Get quick guides to master Adaprox Home App. Learn how to create a virtual group and setup home automation in seconds.
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