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Charge the product with a 5V charger or a USB interface of a computer before your first use by unfolding the folded hook first and then plugging in the charging cable. A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates a full charge.

After normal use for a while, if you discover that the brightness of the night lamp is reduced or its working condition is abnormal, it means that the battery runs out. Please charge the night lamp with a 5V charger. A red light indicates charging. A green light indicates a full charge.


Pasting Mode

Tear off a gum protective film on the magnetic sheet, and paste the magnetic sheet to a proper position, so that the lamp is magnetically attracted onto the magnetic sheet. A notch of the hook must face upward for an optimal sensing state during installation. Otherwise, a sensing distance and angle range will be reduced if the notch of the hook faces leftwards or rightwards.

Suspension Mode

Unfold the hook and suspend the lamp in an available place.

Mode Switching

In the AUTO mode, upon detection of movement of a human body, the sense light will automatically turn on and then automatically turn off after 15 seconds. The lamp will always be on when the human body keeps moving within a sensing range and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds when the human body stops moving.

Sensing Range

The human body sensing range is 0-5 m right ahead, 120º in the horizontal direction and 0-3 m sideward. A sensing effect is relevant to the environment temperature, human body shape and movement speed.


1. Do not cover the sensing area on the surface of the product with articles. During cleaning, wipe the surface of the product with a piece of cotton cloth instead of washing it with a corrosive solvent.

2. Avoid mounting the product close to a heat source, e.g., an air outlet of an air conditioner, a heating outlet, a humidifier or other positions where temperatures vary sharply, and in a position in direct highlight.

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